Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Beginning of a new career!!

Meet my cousin Megan!! 
Megan has always had her own style of doing makeup which is fine, however I wanted to try my style on her to see how she liked it!!  Megan graduated from the Aveda Institute, and is now ready to start her career as a hairdresser. I wanted to give Megan a look that was sexy, flirty, and professional (all tied in one)... 

Megan in form!! See Below

(I come from a very creative family)!! 

Product Spotlight: "Scratch" by Urban Decay!!

(Swatches) by Urban Decay

I decided to use the color "Scratch" by Urban Decay- see swatch below!!

Radium(not used in this blog)        Scratch 

I will post soon on exactly how I completed this look but for now I will just show pictures and the main product!!

Eye with "Scratch"

The Final look- She is so beautiful!!

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