Friday, July 15, 2011

"A Fresh Face" The journey begins....

Well I am off  for the Summer from work and have been spending some time doing the thing I have always loved "Makeup" Today I was introduced to my cousin Megan's friend Stacey. Stacey just turned 21 and was in need of a new look that would really bring out her beautiful blue eyes.
I was not at home at the time therefore had no makeup with me. I was feeling tired when Stacey came over my cousins house but decided to go ahead and start her makeup transformation with the only makeup available which was Megan's. I honestly would rather use my own makeup and brushes (I feel like I cant do as well of a job) but sometimes you tend to be the most creative when having to complete the same task with different tools and colors at hand. I started to use colors I never really used before. I really felt that Stacey just turning 21 needed an older sexier look. I knew immediately what I wanted to do which was focus the attention on her beautiful eyes. Due to the fact that I am so new to makeup I know that it is very important to do as many different faces to gain experience. I am nervous however that someone may not like it. I need to get over that. Stacey has light eyes and fair skin like myself so I decided she would be perfect to practice early on as I learn the art of makeup. Megan owns Urban Decays Book of Shadow 3 which I decided to use on Stacey.
A very pricey palette that I use very seldom. The colors are very shimmery which I love to look at, however I use lot more matte colors on my face. But hey isn't the point of this journey to venture out try new products new faces etc.. I started her look hoping she would like it explaining the steps along the way.
The following steps where taken to complete her look...

First-Primer by Mac in Bare Study all over lid
Second-NYX Stick spread all over eye area in the color "Milk" -Ulta
Third-Urban Decay's Book of shadows (see below for the products URL)color MAUI WOWIE on the lid
-Then I used the color from the same Book "Midnight Cowboy Rides again" right above the lid.
-For the highlight color right under her eyebrow I used a Matte White-I didn't want her to have to much shine on her eyes that is why I decided to use the Matte finish
- I used the color Perversion from the same Book of shadows in the crease of her eye blended well with a fluffy brush
-I used the eyeliner from the book of shadows in the color "Zero" on the top of her lid and then continued on to line the bottom lid as well as the inner waterline.
-to finish it off I took a real thin brush dipped it in MAUI WOWIE and went over the eyeliner below her eye for a pretty finish

Finally the look was complete and it was time to show Stacey the finished product. I took a deep breath as she looked in the mirror -
She seemed very happy and surprised on how much older she looked. I think it's true I am really starting to see that through helping people see the beauty in themselves,that it is helping me find it in me. 

I know i need to edit this which I will- I just wanted to get this blog started -check back

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