Saturday, September 17, 2011

Wigs.. watch out

 I neglected my blog for a while due to work starting back up..Things are starting to settle a little at work and with Halloween coming I couldn't help but notice all the new crazy stuff @ Walmart last night. I picked up some cheap face paint, eyelashes, and O my very first wig for around $6.00. All I have to say is this will not be the last wig I ever purchase. -I want to start looking into good ones...(red would be so much fun). So I buy this long black wig that looks like something out of the Adams Family, and put it on while I started the makeup process. I was able to try different things in terms of color when seeing myself with black hair. When you change your hair color you also have to a lot of times go with different make up colors as well. Certain colors look better on certain hair colors.
Well here is what I did.. I was not home so I was unable to use my own makeup brushes, colors, and foundation so in my opinion with all that taken into consideration I am very pleased with what I was able to create.

Makeup Used
I used the color (Last Call) Center of Eye
A cheap drugstore Matte White Eyeshadow on my lid and under my brow.

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che bella che sei