Monday, July 25, 2011

"Melon" The color I love wearing to work!!

As promised here are my pictures of the pigment color "Melon" I wear on a daily basis..

Products Used:
Urban Decay Primer Potion applied all over eye area..(so eyeshadow will not crease)
Rubenesque by Mac then applied over just the eyelid..see below (Rubenesque-is a eyeshadow base)
Then Pigment color "Melon" by Mac  put all over lid.-This is the area that (Rubenesque was already put on as the base).
After Pigment is all all over the eyelid..
I take the eye shadows "wedge and cork" by mac on a #217 brush and apply them to the middle section of my eye. -then blend
I keep the shadows in a Mac palette similar to the one above!!
#217 Mac Brush I can't live without!!
Once I have brushed the two shadows blended together on the center of my eye I take the eye shadow "Shroom" by Mac and brush the the color under by eyebrow as my highlight color! 
See Below!!
Finally I finish the eyes with the color Carbon by Mac in the crease of my eye
I blend carbon with my #217 Brush by Mac to get all the colors to blend nicely!!]
Final Look!! My personal favorite everyday look!!