Thursday, June 27, 2013

Makeup Lessons


As many of you know I am a middle school Special Education Math Teacher at a local elementary school in Seminole County.   When school is in session I am very busy during the work week. I do however get summers off for the most part. Today I finished my first 60 hours of reading. I now feel that my summer has truly began. Being in all that it is Summer I will have more free time than usual. I would like to offer anyone who is interested the chance to schedule an appointment with me to (Teach) you the art of makeup.  I will always love making woman feel beautiful for any occasion,however that part of me that enjoys teaching wants to be able to share with others how to enhance your features in easy steps that I breakdown for you. My goal is to have you leave confident that you will be able to achieve the same desired look (without me)-on a daily basis.  Through trialing makeup products on a regular basis,I have extensive knowlege  about what products will enhance your beauty that you can simply pickup at a drugstore vs. the makeup products I feel are well worth the investment to buy at department stores. I do bellieve certain types of drugstore products simply cannot compare to the higher end products when trying to achieve a natural polished look,however using both types of prodcts with proper use can give you an overall polished look that is affordable.I also provide samples of products the day of the lesson to get you started when trying to achieve the look you deserve. I will even go to the cosmetic store with you. This coming Tuesday I will be going "makeup shopping" with a 3rd grade teacher I met in reading class. She wants to update her look, however often feels overwhelmed when walking into a cosmetic not knowing where to start.  A great question I was asked about was if you can bring you current makeup to see what my thoughts were about what you currently own. Absolutly please do!! We will definitly  try to work first with what you currently own.

Please feel free to call-text-email me if you have any questions about this service. 

My fees for this personalized service start at 25.00 and up.
Call -Text -Email  
Shannon Perez

(Teachers receive discounted pricing)!! 

am definitely finding that every woman I talk to has different levels of background knowledge when in comes to makeup. Woman also have different wants and/or needs. This comes easy for me to accommodate because of the type of teacher I am during the school year. It just works out!!  I personally love that natural beauty look and am finding that the women that seek my services are typically seeking knowledge about that given topic. They want an everyday look (beauty enhanced). Whatever the case may be please contact me so we can discuss your wants and needs. The face chart  featured at the top of this post  is an example of what every woman leaves with after their personalized makeup session to help when creating the makeup look at home. Skin Care is also discussed; This Face Chart is very helpful when going shopping for items and of course makeup application. 


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