Monday, October 13, 2014

Time for Change!!

This month I finally began to lighten my HAIR!! I currently am a natural blonde,however have been going pretty dark the last three years. At this point I can't see myself going back to platinum blonde like I had in the past, however I will keep this lighter look for sure!! One of the best things about changing your hair color I feel is that as you change your Hair Color you will see that Different Makeup Colors will work for you that maybe at one time didn't and/or Colors that once complimented or help accentuated your eyes for example may not do the same when changing your hair color. One of my favorite eye shadow colors to wear when I was a bright blonde was a  purple Pigment by Mac (Violet),however when I darkened my hair I began to notice that my FAVORITE purple pigment no longer looked like it once did on me. Lipstick is another big thing to take into consideration. I pretty much just stick with nudes to play it safe. I am looking forward to experimenting at this point to see colors will compliment my new hair color!
Without Makeup!